Meet the Group

Ph.D. Candidates

Ran An (defending November 2014)
“Exploration and Quantification of Surface and Bulk Ion Gradients in a Dielectrophoretic Microdevice”
Hwi Yong Lee (defending November 2014)
“Hematocrit Electrokinetic Detection in Microdevices”
“Rapid Nutritional Analysis from Infant Tears”
“Reverse Insulator Dielectrophoresis”
“Nano eNabler™ printing for surface Isoelectric Focusing (sIEF) and Graphene Biosensors”

Ph.D. Students

“ABO-Rh Red blood cell dielectrophoresis in 3D microdevice”

M.S. Students (augmenting advisor)

“Characterization of electrodeposited polyaniline films on Si and functionalizing them to detect biomolecules”


“Dielectrophoretic Behavior of Interacting Particles”
“Red blood cell dielectrophoresis in 3D microdevice”
“Influence of passages and differentiation on dielectrophoretic property of human mesenchymal stem cells”
“Effect of artificial sweetners (aspartame) on thyroid follicular cells”
“Effect of osmolytes on dielectrophoretic responses of red blood cells”
“Paper microfluidic graphene biosensor”
“Carbonization of platinum electrodes”